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    11.   Legality of Game of Skill


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    15.   Tabulation of fantasy points

    1. Selection and Verification of Winners and Conditions relating to the Prizes

    Selection of winners

    Contacting Winners

    1. Photocopy of the User's PAN card;
    2. Photocopy of a government-issued residence proof;
    3. User's bank account details and proof of the same

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    1. Standard Terms and Conditions of "Invite Friends" program

    (i) Click on the link, consequent to which such Invitee will be directed to a registration page and will be provided the option to register an account with Hittso and download and install the Hittso Application on his/her device; or

    (ii) download and install the Hittso Application on his/her device independently, register for a Hittso account through the Hittso Application and enter the unique code shared by the Inviter where prompted in the Hittso Application.

    (i) the Invitee not being an existing user of Hittso; and

    (ii) the Invitee successfully registering for an account with Hittso through the unique link or by using the unique code shared by the Inviter; and

    (iii) the Inviter and Invitee agreeing to the license agreement for the Hittso Application and downloading and installing the Hittso Application as available for the Inviter’s and Invitee’s respective mobile devices.

    1. b) The credit of the Inviter Bonus is contingent on the Invitee's deposit of any Amount in its Unutilised Account and using such amounts to participate in cash contests on the Platform. Bonus upon the successful completion of such contest.
    2. c) Subject to the provisions of a) and b) above, the applicable Inviter Bonus earned by the Inviter shall be credited to the Inviter's Cash Bonus Account within fifteen (15) days of the completion of the cash contest.
    3. d) It is clarified that the Inviter will be eligible to receive the Inviter Bonus with respect to any contests only in the event the winners are declared for such contests.
    1. forfeit any deposited Bonus Amount to an Inviter/Invitee or any prizes/winnings earned by the participant by using such Bonus Amount; and/or
    2. deactivate the accounts of the Inviter/Invitee, in the event that it determines or reasonably believes that such Inviter/Invitee has violated these Terms or the terms and conditions of the Hittso.
    1. Cancellation Policy