Is paid version of Online Competitive Quiz gaming legal in India?

The legality of paid versions of online competitive quiz gaming in India is a complex subject and may vary depending on various factors, including the specific regulations and policies in place. It's essential to stay informed about the current legal landscape and seek legal counsel if needed when venturing into such activities. It's always a good practice to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations to operate within the boundaries of the law.

Are people under the age of 18 allowed to play Hittso?

No. Anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to participate in contests hosted by Hittso.

Do I have to pay taxes when I withdraw the winnings into my bank account?

The winnings offered to the users declared as winners of the contest(s) organized by Hittso comply with a deduction of tax ("TDS") under the Income Tax Act 1961.

In an event, the net winning amounts to more than ₹ 10,000 and the rate of TDS 10,000, a 30% taxation charge will be imposed on the net winning of the user.

Do I have to pay GST on depositing money into wallet account?

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a value-added tax levied on most goods and services sold within India. The GST Council has decided to impose a flat GST rate of 28% on all online games, including skill games.

This rate is applicable to the fullface value of the amounts deposited by players on online games.The company will collect and pay GST on all amounts deposited by players on online games. The GST charges will be borne by the players.